Discount Merchant Accounts

Low Cost Merchant Account

Many Payment Processing companies offer Merchant Accounts that they claim are discounted and offer the lowest possible rates.

The truth is that every Merchant account provider has practically the same cost and the only difference between these providers is their business model.

Some sell for less, some try for the most profit. Very few will actually guarantee the savings they show you. Top Rank Commerce will!

When you request a Merchant Statement Comparison (Credit Card Processing quote) from Top Rank Commerce, you not only get the assistance of a Certified Payment Processing Specialist, you also receive a $500 Guarantee that Top Rank Commerce can offer lower rates than you presently pay for your merchant services. 

Top Rank Commerce will return a side by side processing comparison via spreadsheet and show you the savings you qualify to receive.

Most merchants save 20-25% over their existing merchant account provider by switching their credit card processing to Top Rank Commerce.

Comparing your current credit card processing rates is free and easy.  Simply Fax a current credit card processing statement from your existing merchant account to:

805-435-1555 or you can email a PDF copy to

Most Merchants will qualify for the low merchant account rates offered by Top Rank Commerce and enjoy concierge service from some of the most knowledgeable agents in the payment processing industry.

There is no reason to keep your merchant account where you are paying too much, have no service, and receive no promotion for your business.

Top Rank Commerce will lower your rates to a wholesale level, provide a Certified Payment Processing  Specialist to handle your account, and promote your business.

No one does what we do for merchants! Our Merchants sell MORE!

Call Top Rank Commerce at 818.281.7918 with your questions and let us show you why we are the choice of merchants, large and small.



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