Free Terminal Program

Free Credit Card Terminal Program

Free Credit Card Terminal Program from Top Rank Commerce

New and Existing Merchants are eligible to receive a free terminal when they open a Merchant Account with Top Rank Commerce.

Merchants can choose a Desktop Credit Card Machine (Terminal), a Mobile Swipe for  iPhone or Android, or an Online Virtual Terminal (Payment Gateway)

Yes – these are totally free and there is no monthly or upfront out of pocket cost for the equipment.

OK – what’s the catch? Nothing is free, right?

The only “catch” is that should you change merchant account providers before the end of your agreed term (3 years) you must return the equipment or pay for it. It’s that simple.

Call 818.281.7918 with any questions and we will thoroughly explain the program with you. You can also email with any questions.

What type of Credit Card Terminal do you need?

Desktop Credit Card Terminal: Merchants that sell in a retail location will most likely benefit from a traditional retail merchant account with a stand alone credit card machine that prints receipts and allows you to key in the credit card number if the magnetic strip is bad. In most cases all you will need to do is swipe the credit card through the terminal to make the charge, but you can also key the charge manually.

Mobil Credit Card Swipe: If you are a merchant that needs more mobility, consider a credit card swiper for your iPhone or Android. You still get the benefits of low cost card present -swiped transactions with the added benefit of not having to stay in the same spot to run your credit card charges. Mobile Credit Card Processing via smartphone gives you the ability to print or email receipts on the spot.

Online Virtual Credit Card Terminal – Payment Gateway: Merchants who have an Online Store (eCommerce Merchant Accounts) will benefit from a virtual terminal that is part of their Credit Card Payment Gateway. The online payment gateway is available wherever they have an internet connection and will also integrate their online merchant account into their shopping cart to process credit card orders securely. Many virtual terminals also offer recurring payments for merchants that have regular billing to credit credit cards like Gyms and other membership based businesses, and also for merchants that autoship products every month or more.

One thing you don’t get with Top Rank Commerce’ Free Terminal Program is high prices. Merchants who qualify receive Wholesale Merchant Account Rates and our $500 Low Rate Guarantee.

Reach out today and enjoy our concierge service! Get a comparison – show us your statement – get Better Merchant Account Rates AND Free Equipment!


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