Important Contact Info

Merchant Account Important VISA-Mastercard  Contact Information

Important Contact Info

Important Phone Numbers for Card Issuers

VISA Merchant Verification Service – 800-847-2750 – AUTOMATEDOption 1, Address Verification: enter in the numeric portion of the street address and zip code and credit card number and it will tell you if there is a match.

Option 2, Issuing Bank Phone Numbers: enter the credit card number and it will provide you with the 800# for Issuing bank, and you can call and verify the name on the account.

VISA INTERNATIONAL Address Verification – 800-228-1122

Master Card Assist – 800-622-7747 (to acquire Issuing bank phone number)
Provides you with phone number for bin range, Press 2 if you are a merchant. Press 1 for English, (then) Press 2 for a merchant.

Discover Address Verification – 800-347-7988 – AUTOMATED
(You will need your Merchant Number).
It only verifies a card member’s address. It does not provide any other information.

American Express Address Verifications – 800-528-2121
Option 3 allows you to verify name and address.

International Credit Card Verification – International Telex Verification


To use it, call the normal card authorization phone number (800) 228-1122 and hold for an agent.

Don’t press ANY selection for a destination or you will get trapped and eventually dumped. Just wait. I waited nearly three minutes. Your mileage may vary.

Once an agent comes on, state that you have an International Address to Verify.

The agent will request cardholder information and will ask for the address you have. They will also ask for your merchant number.

If the Issuing Bank is available at the time of the call, the Issuing Bank will be contacted by a telex operator.

If the Issuing Bank is NOT available or cannot be reached via phone, the telex operator will take down all appropriate information & contact the merchant/representative once the Issuing Bank has responded to the inquiry.

This service is not for any particular provider or bank. If you are a merchant on the First Data Platform, which most of us are, you can use it now to verify those international orders you want to ship.

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