Payment Gateways – Internet Gateways

ecommerce gateway, internet payment gateway
Payment Gateways, Online Payment Gateways, and eCommerce Gateways are all the same thing. A Gateway provides a secure means for you to charge remotely via an Online Virtual Terminal and can integrate your website shopping cart to accept customer credit card payments via your online store.

Not all business type are supported by all payment gateways. Top Rank Commerce offers three of the most popular payment gateways to support every business type and shopping cart configuration. is one of the most recommended gateways and one of the most used. Authnet offers a robust virtual terminal as well as the ability to integrate into most shopping carts. A recurring payment module is available as well as an advanced fraud protection module.

PayFlowPro (formerly Verisign PayFlowPRo) is a high end gateway that offers integration with virtually every shopping cart. Many custom carts will specify PayFlowPro for the preferred internet payment gateway.

USAePay offers a good gateway product that provides a great mobile payment processing tool for smartphone users. Called “Wireless ePay” it offers many advanced features.

All payment gateways are secured by 256K encryption and offer a host of great reporting features.

Top Rank Commerce can provide integration assistance if needed.

Call or email us with your questions regarding gateways.

We can deploy a gateway the same business day it is requested.

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