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About Us


We've provided discount credit card processing for eCommerce and Retail since 2005. Many high volume online merchants have switched to us, not just for savings but the direct professional representation we provide.

We're known for no nonsense discussion without any sales chatter. No novices work here. We are all eCommerce professionals as well as Payment Processing Specialists.

We are based in Thousand Oaks, California.

Who We Are

We provide standard and high risk credit card processing for US Based companies through several Merchant Providers with millions of dollars processed monthly.

We assign a Dedicated Payment Processing specialist to each account. They provide personal service and are ready to handle needed changes or questions about your account.

We can integrate our processing with any type of gateway or shopping cart.

We provide advice when requested in areas of "how to" in regard to presentation of products, fraud prevention, Facebook advertising, and marketing.

Our Vision

The payment processing industry is changing and evolving. Our vision is to keep our merchant partners on the leading edge of that evolution.

More than ever, we want to educate and motivate going and growing businesses to celebrate more success.

We see our merchants thriving because we took the time make sure they stay at the top of their game.

It takes a group effort to be successful. We are that group and want you to feel a part of what we know is a great relationship for you!

About Us

eCommerce and Retail Credit Card Processing

Flat Rate Accounts

Merchants that quality for our Flat Rate Credit Card Processing enjoy a rate of 2.50% + 15 cents per sale. All Card Types qualify for that rate.

That's lower than Paypal, Stripe, and others. Most merchants save 25% or more over their existing processing solution.

Marketing Help

If you struggle to write compelling copy to help describe and sell your products we will coach you one on one with the BEST PRACTICES for good content and writing content that sells.

This Value Added service is FREE to our merchants!

Zero Fee Processing

Reduce your credit card processing rates to ZERO by adding a small, legal surcharge to some or all transactions. Convenience fees are becoming commonplace and you will cut thousands in fees, year after year.

Available in all 50 States!

Fraud Prevention

This is a specialized service that we offer for FREE to our merchants. Automated fraud prevention software often FAILS. We provide a pair of well qualified HUMAN eyes to research any order you find suspicious BEFORE you take the risk to ship.

Cost Plus
(IC Plus)

With cost plus processing you pay the actual bank cost for your credit card sales plus a set amount of points over cost per sale. This is also known as Interchange Plus Processing.

Large merchants prefer this and we have been able to save thousands for them by moving to this pricing plan.

Savings Solution

It's highly likely you are paying too much for your existing processing. Our processing plans normally save merchants 20% or more. Over time that can put thousands of dollars back into your business.

What We Offer
Retail Point

Retail Point Of Sale Equipment



Fully Customizable Point of Sale Terminals by Poynt and Clover. Poynt and Clover offer wireless communication and Chip Card ready terminals. You can place them on a counter or carry to your customers. Poynt and Clover are excellent retail credit card processing solutions. Reliable, Affordable, and Simple to setup and learn.


Pay at the Table Convenience with Poynt and Clover. Your entire menu on a simple device that staff and customers will love! Wireless and interfaces with a cash drawer and external printer if desired. Printer and Chip Card Reader are built in. Systems are Durable and Practical.

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